Monday, February 7, 2011


Ahhh...the Green Monster of an emotion! Has anyone discovered yet how to control this horrible feeling that we've all experienced a few times or more in our life? Ugh, it's awful! So, I did a page on it. It's a dark page with dark emotion, because that's just what it is. It can take your most brightest day and make it upside down with loss of all common sense and good judgement! This piece, though, is my favorite so far. I think each one is better than the last, and we're only at week SIX!

"Page One"

Digitally created fun stuff! Borders painted with acrylics, just playing around and being silly with color and design. Looking forward to this 52 week journey, and beyond! Thanks for looking, friends!

It's "Me from A to Z" !

Adjectives chosen to describe ME! From A to Z...with the exception of X! Digitally created with borders hand drawn using Zentangle patterns. Google it! Zentangle is an art of doodling and is a known therapeutic art form for relaxation! It's fun, and easy, and the end result is rewarding!


Now and then, it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness, and just be HAPPY! Loving colors, and they go well with this quote of Guillaume Apollinaire (thank you for providing that, Tangie!) Digitally created, borders done with watercolors on wet/dry journal paper!

"Keep Moving Forward"

Totally a play with color and patterns on this one! Digitally created, with hand drawn borders of Prisma markers! (LOVE THEM!) Look close and you can see the Jeep behind the quotation! Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths...


Thrive is the word assignment in this one! All digitally created, with the exception of the earth and grass at the bottom. Those elements have an added touch of acrylic paints and some ink outlining. Another colorful and fun page to work on, just a little late with updating the blog! Baby steps my friends!

My "Travel" Page

Another fun assignment while on Tangie's Art Journal Caravan 2011! Make a page on the word: TRAVEL
I'm hoping to get to see some ocean in 2011, as it has been a very long time since I've been to good sands!
When I adhered this to my art journal page, I painted the base background with a course texture gel, so that it looks and feels like sand! What a blast that was! Added gloss gel to the water, to get some wavy effects, too!