Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, Monday sure got here fast, AGAIN. Blech. I don't like Mondays and anyone who knows me well, knows I'm not a very happy person at 8 a.m. on Mondays. I don't mean to be not-nice, it's just the day. By noon I'm usually recovered and am my usual happy positive chipper self! This afternoon I found an email that notified me that one of my pieces was being featured on a blog of the Art Journal Caravan this week! In fact, when I followed the link, my page was right up at the very tippy top! Now, how could a Monday be bad with THAT kind of news!

Go HERE to see my famous-ness!

Seems there was some more excitement going on at Dirty Footprints, while I was at the office today...Connie is looking for some LOVE in the art journal, and is throwing a party for it too! I'm so anxious to see what I can come up with for this, in the next FEW days! I have a few nice ideas but we all know the task at hand when it comes to getting those ideas onto the canvas! Yippeee! Monday is all good now and we're one day closer to the weekend again! Yippeeee!

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